Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are now playable at the 2018 Pokémon World Championships in Nashville, Tennessee

Competitive Pokémon play takes the global stage for the 2018 Pokémon World Championships from August 24 to August 26. The Pokémon Company International is hosting various streams live on Twitch and YouTube, including a main stage stream that rotates gameplay content and will show all the finals matches. The livestreams from Nashville, Tennessee, feature engaging matches all three days of the competition and include live expert commentary. The exclusive Worlds Pikachu mascot for this year sports a festive outfit and a banjo, so you are likely to spot it all around.

During the opening ceremony today, August 24, The Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara appeared on stage to announce Pokémon TCG Tag Team GX cards, beginning with Pikachu and Zekrom as a duo on a single card. The upcoming POKÉMON Detective Pikachu movie’s logo and official title were also unveiled on the main stage by director Rob Letterman and actors Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton. Attendees had a chance to contribute to the film by yelling chants in support of Pikachu and Charizard. On the video games front, Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are now physically playable by all attendees at the 2018 Pokémon World Championships. In addition, rare Pokémon spawns and exclusive PokéStops are now available on-site at Nashville for Pokémon GO players.

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