Video: Eevee dances joyfully in the sunlight in Pokémon the Series XYZ

As another way to promote the Pokémon TV app, The Pokémon Company has shared a brief clip that consists of Serena and Bonnie coming across a joyful Eevee dancing in Pokémon the Series. You can check it out in the embedded video below:

Eevee frolics in the flowers!

Serena and Bonnie unexpectedly come across an Eevee dancing joyfully in the sunlight! Watch the episode in full on Pokémon TV now!

Come si diverte Eevee a saltellare tra i fiori!

Serena e Clem inaspettatamente si imbattono in un Eevee che danza allegramente al sole. Guarda l’episodio completo su TV Pokémon!


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