Check out the $130 Ditto plush at the Pokémon Center

A new line of adorable Pokémon plushies recently appeared at the Pokémon Center. The official Squishy Round Plush line made its debut via the Pokémon Center website with various spherical plushies, including Ditto:

Ditto Squishy Plush – 25 ½ In.

More than 2 feet wide, this amazing Ditto plush is large enough for cuddling or for play! It’s flexible enough to mush into a variety of Ditto-like shapes and stuffed with stretchy filling that bounces back to Ditto shape!

Pink enough not to be mistaken for any other Pokémon, this stretchy plush is made of resilient, soft fabric and filling that’s denser and squishier than usual! This big bundle of fun is perfect for playrooms and comfortable corners.

  • Costs $129.99
  • Measures about 17 inches tall and 25 ½ inches wide
  • Not capable of actual shapeshifting disguises!
  • Pokémon Center Original
  • Weighs more than 8 pounds!

More Details

  • Country Of Origin: Made in Vietnam
  • Care Instructions: Surface Wash Only
  • Recommended Age: 4+ years
  • Item Dimensions: 17 x 25.6 x 25.6 inches
  • Materials: All new material / polyester fiber / polyurethane


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