Pokémon Duel final update version 7.0.14 now live with 13 new figures and more

As of October 31, 2019, at 01:59 UTC, services for Pokémon Duel will end. Once these services have ended, you will no longer be able to install or update the game or transfer your account. Additionally, if you already have the game installed, you will not be able to continue to use the app except for certain functions. The game has received its latest and final update – version 7.0.14 – across iOS, Kindle Fire and iOS devices. In addition to implementing bug fixes, the last update includes the following changes:

Mega Tyranitar

  • Mountain Topple: damage increased from 160 to 180
  • Rockstorm: damage increased from 150 to 170
  • Crunch: damage increased from 80 to 100

Zygarde 50% Forme

  • Dragon Breath: damage increased from 130 to 160
  • Land’s Wrath: damage increased from 90 to 120
  • Extreme Speed: damage increased from 70 to 110


  • Pound replace by Giga Impact (with damage: 180)
  • Body Slam: damage increased from 110 to 150


  • Soul-Heart: damage for each knockout increased from 3 to 10


  • Added Sand Veil ability
  • Dragon Rush: damage increased from 140 to 160
  • Fire Fang: damage increased from 90 to 110


  • Dragon Claw: damage increased from 100 to 120
  • Slash: damage increased from 70 to 90


  • Tackle replaced by Scary Face


  • Razor Leaf replaced by Grass Knot (with power: 40)


  • Body Slam: damage increased from 40 to 80
  • Poison Powder: wheel size increased Decreased wheel size of Miss

Also, the following figures have been added:

  • UX Figures = Mega Garchomp, Zygarde Complete Forme, Landorus Therian Forme, Leafeon
  • EX Figures = Silvally, Tsareena, Zygarde 10% FormeTyranitar, Landorus Incarnate Forme, Meganium
  • R Figures = Type: Null, Steenee
  • UC Figures = Bounsweet

Finally, the following figures have gained new Z-Moves:

  • Decidueye
  • Incieroar
  • Primarina
  • Marshadow
  • Mimikyu
  • Mew
  • Snorlax

Source: Pokemon.com and Perfectly Nintendo

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