New Store Area with minigames now available in Pokémon Virtual Fest

The Pokémon Company recently announced Pokémon Virtual Fest, which is a virtual theme park that will be open from August 12 to August 31 in Japan. Pokémon Virtual Fest has been updated a the new Store Area, where visitors can participate in a number of minigames. Check out the video below for a special sneak peek at Pokémon Virtual Fest:




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Let’s complete “Pokemon Virtual Fest” that appeared in the virtual space

“Pokemon Virtual Fest” will open in the virtual SNS “cluster” from Wednesday, August 12th to 31st, Monday! “Pokemon Virtual Fest” is an unfinished amusement park in the virtual world, with the theme of “create together, memories of summer”. When everyone challenges the “Mission”, attractions and contents in the “Theme Park” will increase and the theme park will be completed according to the results.

Let’s go into a virtual space!

This “entrance” is the first place to enter after entering “Pokemon Virtual Fest”. From here you can go to “Theme Parks” and challenge “Mission”. Pikachu and polygon holograms are displayed, so please use it as a meeting mark.

At the center of the entrance, the achievements of everyone’s “mission” are collected, and you can check the completeness of the theme park.

Have fun with Pokemon’s Avatar costume!

An avatar is your alter ego in virtual space. Let’s choose your favorite costume from the motif of “Sarnoli”, “Hibany” and “Messon” and set out for “Pokemon Virtual Fest”! Other avatar costumes may be added…? In addition, you can take pictures freely in the virtual space. Let’s all gather at our favorite place and take a picture.

Let’s work together and challenge the mission!

“Mission” is an escape game that can be played by everyone, and if you can solve the problem in a closed room and get out of the room, it will be clear. The number of attractions and contents in the theme park will increase according to the results that everyone has cleared. The mission is a “labyrinth mission” that leads you through the labyrinth to get answers, a “word puzzle mission” that leads you to answers by collecting letters scattered in the room, and a mystery that leads you to answers by unraveling the codes posted in the room. There are three types of “solving missions”, and they will be released in order depending on the achievement level of the mission. These missions are produced by “SCRAP” who has worked on many real escape games. All of the answers are satisfying, so please look forward to it!

Clear missions to increase attractions!

In the theme park, in addition to powerful attractions with Pokemon motifs such as the monster ball type “Pokemon Kyodai Ferris Wheel” and “Hello Oh’s Sky Ocean Cruise”, “Interion Shooting Shop” and “Dagtorio” We also have lots of summer-like content, such as “The Throtter”. Let’s challenge missions one after another and complete “Pokemon Virtual Fest” together!

Join the event and make the best summer memories!

On the stage in the theme park, events such as “Pokémon Sword Shield”‘s Pokemon Battle public viewing will be held together. In addition, special events such as Pikachu dance show and fireworks will be held from Saturday, August 29th to Monday, August 31st! Make the best memories with Pokemon Virtual Fest this summer with your friends and family!


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