Pokemon Sweets Cafe: Baking with Alcremie

Whether you love to bake or just have an aesthetic and appreciation for the culinary arts, the upcoming theme for April 10th will feature Alcremie, the adorable Cream Pokemon introduced in Generation o8.!

The Pokemon Center will release a series of cooking-ware decorated with the seven faces of Alcremie, ranging from aprons and totes to measuring instruments and silverware, as well as more conventional items such as notebooks and bottles. Each Alcremie color has a particular favorite dish as well, adding a bit of personality to the products and some inspiration for what you can make, be that whipping up a batch of whipped cream or baking a cake to enjoy for yourselves or with others!

For those who love Alcremie but aren’t quite in the baking mood or for those who want to collect the different forms of Alcremie, there will also be a set of Alcremie keychain plushes released, each with a different color and a unique expression. These palm-sized cuties will make adorable travel companions or room decor, and when paired with the kitchenware shown above, they’ll make for quite the photoshoot! And the more, the merrier! Grab a friend or seven and bring home all the different forms of Alcremie! You and your Alcremie(s) can certainly enjoy a baking date!

Pikachu Sweets by the Pokemon Cafe will also be adding the Ruby Cream Alcremie drink to its dessert menu! All the drinks will be strawberry-flavored, but depending on the Alcremie, will have a different topping and its matching cup sleeve. Prices start at 842 yen per cup and will be available starting April 10, 2021 alongside the release of other Alcremie merch.

With Alcremie taking the spotlight this April, feel free to share what your favorite Alcremie form and which release you’re most excited for below! Saturday, April 10th can’t come sooner!

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