You can now get Pokémon TCG Online Battle Academy code cards from game stores participating in League at Home

The Pokémon Company recently revealed how Pokémon TCG players can stay connected with Pokémon League at Home events. Read on below to learn more:

Get Pokémon TCG Online Battle Academy Code Cards from Your Local Game Store

Stay connected to your local game store with Pokémon TCG Online codes for ready-to-play decks in League at Home.

While physical events remain on hold, League at Home provides Pokémon TCG players with plenty of opportunities to remain active. Currently, players can get Pokémon TCG Online Battle Academy codes through local game stores participating in League at Home. Battle Academy codes will contain ready-to-play decks, ensuring that Trainers have everything they need to start playing immediately. Sharpen your skills, explore new strategies, and discover new favorite cards and Pokémon.

Pokémon League has always been a fun and easy way to stay connected with other Pokémon fans in your community. Right now, even with live Pokémon League events on hold, there are still opportunities to have a Pokémon League from your own home. Local game stores are encouraged to host League at Home events using the Pokémon TCG Online. Players can contact their game store to learn about the League at Home events their local store will be hosting virtually.

Here’s how to access the codes:

  1. Download and install Pokémon TCG Online on your computer, Android Tablet, or iPad
  2. Use “Store Finder” to locate your local game store
  3. Check that your store currently supports League at Home
  4. Contact your store for the codes

Enjoy your ready-to-play decks, and stay safe until everyone can battle together in person again!


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