The Pokémon Company continues promoting Pokémon Evolutions episode 8 “The Discovery” with a special GIF

A new eight-episode web-exclusive animated series called Pokémon Evolutions has premiered. Read on below to learn more:

The Discovery 🔍 | Pokémon Evolutions: Episode 8

Did you hear the rumor? What might be the most powerful Pokémon ever has been discovered in Kanto! 🤯 Green has begun her search for this elusive Pokémon…but she’s not the only one racing to catch it! Join the quest in the thrilling finale of Pokémon Evolutions!

Enjoy “The Discovery” with Pokémon Evolutions on Pokémon TV and YouTube

The eighth and final episode of Pokémon’s new animated limited series features a race to find and catch what might be the Kanto region’s most powerful Legendary Pokémon.

The Pokémon Evolutions journey across the wide, wonderful world of Pokémon concludes with the eighth episode, which is now available on Pokémon TV and the official Pokémon YouTube channel. Titled “The Discovery,” Episode 8 puts Pokémon Trainer Green in the spotlight as she continues her quest to capture a powerful Legendary Pokémon in Kanto. It should come as no surprise that Green isn’t the only one hoping to make the catch of a lifetime. Will Green find and capture the Pokémon of her dreams? Watch “The Discovery” to find out!

Keep an eye out for a quiz that will test your knowledge of the Pokémon Evolutions series. Study up by watching all the episodes, now available on Pokémon TV and the official Pokémon YouTube channel.


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