5★ Sonia (Special Costume) & Tsareena will debut in Pokémon Masters EX on April 6 at 11 p.m. PDT

DeNA is continuing to add more events and new features to Pokémon Masters EX on a regular basis. Read on below to learn more:

Sonia Costume Scout

5★ Sonia (Special Costume) & Tsareena will debut on April 6 at 11:00 p.m. PDT!

【公式】『ポケモンマスターズ EX』ソニア(スペシャル)&アマージョが登場!

アプリゲーム『ポケモンマスターズ EX』に、4月7日(木)15時から5月4日(水・祝)14時59分までの期間、「ソニア(スペシャル)&アマージョ」が、バディーズサーチに登場するよ!






#ポケモン #ポケットモンスター #ポケマスEX

Special Riddle-Solving Missions!

To go with the theme of this Costume Event, a Riddle Event that includes special riddle-solving missions will begin on April 6, 2022!
Unlike normal Missions, riddle-solving missions are mysterious Missions that do not give you specific requirements to complete.
There will be 20 riddle-solving missions in total, with one being added daily until April 25, 2022.
We’ve prepared a variety of riddles, so try working with other players as you solve them!
Please note that the Missions will be available until May 3, 2022.

Also, if you solve all of the riddles, you can get a Medal, a total of 6,000 Gems, and 5★-Guaranteed Scout Ticket ×60, so try to complete the Missions to get amazing rewards!

Source: Official Pokémon Masters EX site

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