Revisit key Galar region locations featured during the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield Series

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Reminisce About Your Journey through Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield with the Pokémon TCG

Revisit key Galar region locations featured during the Sword & Shield Series.

It’s been more than three years since Trainers first ventured to the Galar region in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Countless environments were explored, from Postwick and Wyndon to the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra later on. Several of these places were interpreted in the Pokémon TCG, serving as the background for countless Pokémon. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane with these cards from the Sword & Shield Series.

Location: Route 2


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It all starts with a dream. Feebas flops in a lake, longing for the day it may evolve into Milotic. In the background of the artwork is Professor Magnolia’s home, where your dreams as a Trainer in the Galar region begin. The location plays host to your first battle with Hop and is where you eventually receive your Endorsement for the Gym Challenge from Champion Leon.

Location: Turffield Gym


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Escavalier swings dynamically to the right; a large crowd catches all the action underneath bright lights in Turffield Stadium during your first Gym battle in Galar. The classic chants from the fans feed into the Dynamax-level energy of your fierce fight against the Grass-type specialist Milo.

Location: Motostoke Riverbank


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You’ve explored the entirety of the southern Wild Area and conquered a couple of Gym battles. Shelmet looks proudly at the sky as it wanders the vast Wild Area of Galar. In the background lies the bridge above Motostoke Riverbank that connects Galar Mine No. 2 and Motostoke. Underneath the bridge, you cross from the southern Wild Area into the northern Wild Area for the first time.

Location: Galar Route 6


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As you approach Stow-on-Side for the first time after traversing numerous cliffs and ladders, you come across a familiar set of statues just outside the city. On this card, Diglett poses alongside its lookalike and shows off a bit of moxie as it reminds Trainers that it’s the real deal. You’ll also find Cara Liss and her machine that restores Fossil Pokémon nearby.

Location: Stow-on-Side


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Stow-on-Side is a city with a bustling marketplace—and with a bustling marketplace comes hustling merchants. Machamp races through this chaos, using all four arms as it hauls dishware, umbrellas, and food products throughout the city. The surrounding architecture reflects the desert climate of Stow-on-Side and the heavy trade among its populace. In the far background, you can just make out one of the beams supporting Stow-on-Side’s Gym, which is led by Bea in Pokémon Sword and Allister in Pokémon Shield.

Location: Master Dojo


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When you first land on the Isle of Armor and traverse the Fields of Honor, the destination of choice is the Master Dojo. There, you meet Mustard and eventually partner up with the Legendary Pokémon Kubfu. Students and their Pokémon fill the Master Dojo, and the Martial Arts Pokémon Mienfoo is one of many Pokémon training as it goes for a big stretch on beams outside the dojo.

Location: Forest of Focus


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For one of your trials with Mustard, you are tasked with finding Max Mushrooms (for making Max Soup), which can be found sprouting from the ground across the Isle of Armor. In this artwork, Venipede lingers underneath the shady canopy of the Forest of Focus near a Sitrus Berry and cluster of Max Mushrooms.

Location: Challenge Beach/Tower of Waters


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After partnering up with Kubfu on the Isle of Armor, you are presented with the choice of training at the Tower of Waters or the Tower of Darkness. As you approach Challenge Beach, Tentacool strikes against the waves and showcases its confidence. The path of lanterns on shore will lead you to the Tower of Waters.

Location: Challenge Road/Tower of Darkness


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The Mantle Pokémon, Roggenrola, posts up near Brawlers’ Cave and Challenge Road—the upward, rocky path that will eventually lead you to the Tower of Darkness. Roggenrola is one of many Rock-type Pokémon encountered on Challenge Road; this one is attempting to appear larger in the foreground—perhaps to look as strong as the Trainers who challenge and train on this path. Follow the lanterns, and you’ll find yourself at the top.

Location: Dyna Tree Hill


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When you first leave the town of Freezington and explore the vast area of the Crown Tundra, one landmark immediately stands out as you venture east—Dyna Tree Hill. On this card, Tornadus is featured prominently in the foreground as it blows a gust of wind that sends numerous Pokémon tumbling in the area. The path between the mayhem leads your attention to the grand Dyna Tree Hill and its horde of gigantic berries in the center of Ballimere Lake.

Location: Split-Decision Ruins


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There comes a point in every Trainer’s journey where they must make a choice in the Crown Tundra—awaken Regieleki or Regidrago? Spheal smiles brightly in the Three-Point Pass in front of the Split-Decision Ruins, where that decision can be made for adventurous Trainers looking to uncover the mystery of the Legendary giants.

Location: Frigid Sea


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The Frigid Sea is just slightly east of Three-Point Pass and the Split-Decision Ruins. Numerous Water- and Ice-type Pokémon make this area their home. Here, Chinchou floats calmly in the chilly sea among glaciers and a small island where a Legendary Pokémon appears. In the background, you can see the Crown Shrine overlooking the Crown Tundra.

Location: Crown Shrine/Dyna Tree Hill


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You’ve made it to the top! Artist Atsushi Furusawa depicts Zeraora marveling at a bright light atop the mountains that surround the Crown Shrine. In the far background, the size of Dyna Tree Hill is greatly emphasized—it remains clearly visible from the apex of the Crown Tundra.

Source: The Pokémon Company International

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