Trainer Red and Pikachu merch featuring artwork by Ken Sugimori commemorates 20th anniversary of the Pokémon Center

The original Pokémon Center celebrated its 20th anniversary on April 25, 2018, in Japan. The Pokémon Company marked this occasion in a variety of ways, including by releasing a wide range of merchandise that commemorates the momentous milestone. A new batch of products is set to launch on July 13 at Pokémon Centers and Amazon Japan. It features artwork of Trainer Red and Pikachu by the one-and-only Ken Sugimori in the form of collectible artwork, a clear file, T-shirt, stickers, Croguis Book, pen pouch, flat case, iPhone case, smartphone cover, face towel, mug, Pokémon TCG Deck Shield, Pokémon TCG Deck case, Pokémon TCG playmat and Pokémon TCG collection file. There’s also a special figure exclusive to the Pokémon Center Online. To view individual pictures of the aforementioned items, click here.



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