Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon review roundup: The definitive versions of Pokémon Sun and Moon

Even though Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are essentially updated versions of the original Pokémon Sun and Moon, critics seem to be loving them more than their predecessors and have expressed heaps of praise. To see what several outlets had to say about the latest duo of Pokémon games, check out the review excerpts below:

Nintendo Life – 10/10:

You’d be forgiven for not wanting to jump back into the same world again so soon but, in their own right, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are truly incredible entries to the series that deserve to be sitting amongst the elite Pokémon titles. If you’re ready for another trip around Alola’s beautiful islands, this is the way to do it.

XGN – 9.2/10:

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon add some great things to Alola. The games are bigger, longer and better than Sun and Moon.

IGN – 9/10:

These upgraded versions not only have everything I enjoyed about Sun and Moon, but augments them in important ways by making small but meaningful changes to the story, expanding the selection of available Pokemon, and even making some small tweaks to the world. Unless you played through both Sun and Moon extensively and have already collected every Legendary Pokemon, it’s easy to recommend to any Pokemon fan.

Destructoid – 9/10:

I already got my fill of Pokemon Sun & Moon, but that didn’t stop me from reliving it all over again with Ultra.

Hobby Consoles – 86/100:

Bigger, better and refined, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the definitive versions of Sun and Moon. There’s some déjà vu feeling with the story, but that doesn’t neglect that these games offer tons of content, and that they serve as a great farewell for the series before jumping to the Switch.

GameSpot – 8/10:

Though they aren’t very different from their predecessors, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon make enough changes to stand apart as the definitive version of the seventh generation games. An overly complicated story is offset by charming details that bring even more life to the most vibrant Pokemon region to date, and small fixes iron out the shakier parts of the original journey. If you make it through Alola a second (or even first) time, you’ll be rewarded with a fun-filled and uplifting Pokemon adventure with its own share of spoilery surprises in store.

TheSixthAxis – 8/10:

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon surpassed my expectations. There were things overly familiar in more ways than one, but it’s not fully covering old ground. Plenty of new features and details will make fans of the franchise very happy and while I still mourn for the DexNav to this day, the new content is well worth becoming Alolan Champion once more.

EGM – 8/10:

The definitive edition of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon encapsulate the elements of what made the first set of games great—and also carry forward some of the games’ flaws. Players may be retreading the same island paths as before, but a new selection of Pokémon, shiny new tokens to hunt, additional mini-games, and a brand new story add fun surprises for fans of the originals to find.

Source: Metacritic.com


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