Our National Pokédex, from Bulbasaur to Calyrex, is now complete with all 898 discovered Pokémon!

For the past few years, we have been featuring the Pokédex entries of all discovered Pokémon to highlight the hundreds of known Pokémon to date. A total of 898 entries and Pokémon later, from Bulbasaur to Calyrex, our National Pokédex is now complete! That is... until more Pokémon are discovered! Thank you to every single … Continue reading Our National Pokédex, from Bulbasaur to Calyrex, is now complete with all 898 discovered Pokémon!

Calyrex, #898 – King Pokémon

Calyrex Calyrex is a merciful Pokémon, capable of providing healing and blessings. It reigned over the Galar region in times of yore. Calyrex is known in legend as a king that ruled over Galar in ancient times. It has the power to cause hearts to mend and plants to spring forth. Type: Psychic/Grass Category: King … Continue reading Calyrex, #898 – King Pokémon

Spectrier, #897 – Swift Horse Pokémon

It probes its surroundings with all its senses save one—it doesn't use its sense of sight. Spectrier's kicks are said to separate soul from body. As it dashes through the night, Spectrier absorbs the life-force of sleeping creatures. It craves silence and solitude. Type: Ghost Category: Swift Horse Ability: Grim Neigh - When the Pokémon … Continue reading Spectrier, #897 – Swift Horse Pokémon

Glastrier, #896 – Wild Horse Pokémon

Glastrier emits intense cold from its hooves. It's also a belligerent Pokémon—anything it wants, it takes by force. Glastrier has tremendous physical strength, and the mask of ice covering its face is 100 times harder than diamond. Type: Ice Category: Wild Horse Ability: Chilling Neigh - When the Pokémon knocks out a target, it utters … Continue reading Glastrier, #896 – Wild Horse Pokémon

Regidrago, #895 – Dragon Orb Pokémon

An academic theory proposes that Regidrago's arms were once the head of an ancient dragon. The theory remains unproven. Its body is composed of crystalized dragon energy. Regidrago is said to have the powers of every dragon Pokémon. Type: Dragon Category: Dragon Orb Ability: Dragon's Maw, which powers up Dragon-type moves. Hidden Ability: None Weaknesses: … Continue reading Regidrago, #895 – Dragon Orb Pokémon

Regieleki, #894 – Electron Pokémon

This Pokemon is a cluster of electrical energy. It's said that removing the rings on Regieleki's body will unleash the Pokémon's latent power. Its entire body is made up of an single organ that generates electrical energy. Regieleki is capable of creating all of Galar's electricity. Type: Electric Category: Electron Ability: Transistor, which powers up … Continue reading Regieleki, #894 – Electron Pokémon

Zarude, #893 – Rogue Monkey Pokémon

Within dense forests, this Pokémon lives in a pack with others of its kind. It’s incredibly aggressive, and the other Pokémon of the forest fear it. Once the vines on Zarude’s body tear off, they become nutrients in the soil. This helps the plants of the forest grow. Type: Dark/Grass Category: Rogue Monkey Ability: Leaf … Continue reading Zarude, #893 – Rogue Monkey Pokémon

Urshifu, #892 – Wushu Pokémon

Single Strike Style This form of Urshifu is a strong believer in the one-hit KO. Its strategy is to leap in close to foes and land a devastating blow with a hardened fist. Inhabiting the mountains of a distant region, this Pokémon races across sheer cliffs, training its legs and refining its moves. Type: Fighting/Dark … Continue reading Urshifu, #892 – Wushu Pokémon