Active and obtainable Mystery Gift codes for Pokémon HOME, Pokémon Sword and Shield

The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo recently announced more details for the new cloud service app Pokémon HOME. The app enables Trainers to continue their Pokémon adventures beyond a single game system and manage their collection of Pokémon across many of their games. Pokémon HOME is available now on Nintendo Switch, iPhone and iPad (App Store), and Android (Google Play) devices.

Pokémon Sword/Shield Mystery Gift Codes

  • KAMPFTEAM (for 20 Battle Points)
  • GALAR (for 1 bottle cap)
  • AREAS1LVESTRE (for 10 premier balls)
  • SUPEREFF1CACE (for 20 BP)
  • G1GAGRANF1NALE (for 10 Heal Balls)
  • C0MPET1T10N (for 1 bottle cap)
  • PUNKR0CK (for 3 TR 94s)

All the CURRENT active gift codes

  • Pokémon Home Gifts (App)
  • Pikachu (For downloading app)
  • Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur (All HA, Pick as starter after downloading the app)
  • Pichu (For completing one of the challenges)
  • Rotom (For utilizing GTS)
  • Eevee (For utilizing Wonder Box)
  • Magearna (For completing the National Dex)

All of these will be under Mystery gifts, and then Gift Box.


17 thoughts on “Active and obtainable Mystery Gift codes for Pokémon HOME, Pokémon Sword and Shield

  1. Something wrong with my mystery gift on home.
    Have not been given option for Melmetal.
    Have completed all 3 pokedexes on sword but can not get soul heart Magearna as again no mystery box appeared.


    1. You need to create a Pokémon home account send at least 1 Pokémon to a Pokémon home box from Pokémon sword or shield and then link the account that you desire to Pokémon home on mobile and then you can get all three Galar starter Pokémon.


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