Zarude, #893 – Rogue Monkey Pokémon

Within dense forests, this Pokémon lives in a pack with others of its kind. It’s incredibly aggressive, and the other Pokémon of the forest fear it. Once the vines on Zarude’s body tear off, they become nutrients in the soil. This helps the plants of the forest grow. Type: Dark/Grass Category: Rogue Monkey Ability: Leaf … Continue reading Zarude, #893 – Rogue Monkey Pokémon

Urshifu, #892 – Wushu Pokémon

Single Strike Style This form of Urshifu is a strong believer in the one-hit KO. Its strategy is to leap in close to foes and land a devastating blow with a hardened fist. Inhabiting the mountains of a distant region, this Pokémon races across sheer cliffs, training its legs and refining its moves. Type: Fighting/Dark … Continue reading Urshifu, #892 – Wushu Pokémon

Kubfu, #891 – Wushu Pokémon

Kubfu trains hard to perfect its moves. The moves it masters will determine which form it takes when it evolves. If Kubfu pulls the long white hair on its head, its fighting spirit heightens and power wells up from the depths of its belly. Type: Fighting Category: Wushu Ability: Inner Focus, where the Pokémon's intensely … Continue reading Kubfu, #891 – Wushu Pokémon

Eternatus, #890 – Gigantic Pokémon

Eternatus: The core on its chest absorbs energy emanating from the lands of the Galar region. This energy is what allows Eternatus to stay active. It was inside a meteorite that fell 20,000 years ago. There seems to be a connection between this Pokémon and the Dynamax phenomenon. Eternamax Eternatus: As a result of Rose's … Continue reading Eternatus, #890 – Gigantic Pokémon

Zamazenta, #889 – Warrior Pokémon

Hero of Many Battles: In times past, it worked together with a king of the people to save the Galar region. It absorbs metal that it then uses in battle. This Pokémon slept for aeons while in the form of a statue. It was asleep for so long, people forgot that it ever existed. Type: … Continue reading Zamazenta, #889 – Warrior Pokémon

Zacian, #888 – Warrior Pokémon

Hero of Many Battles: Known as a legendary hero, this Pokémon absorbs metal particles, transforming them into a weapon it uses to battle. This Pokémon has slumbered for many years. Some say it's Zamazenta's elder sister—others say the two Pokémon are rivals. Type: Fairy Category: Warrior Ability: Intrepid Sword, which boosts the Pokémon’s Attack stat … Continue reading Zacian, #888 – Warrior Pokémon

Dragapult, #887 – Stealth Pokémon

When it isn't battling, it keeps Dreepy in the holes on its horns. Once a fight starts, it launches the Dreepy like supersonic missiles. Apparently the Dreepy inside Dragapult's horns eagerly look forward to being launched out at Mach speeds. Type: Dragon/Ghost Category: Stealth Ability: Clear Body, which prevents other Pokémon's moves or Abilities from … Continue reading Dragapult, #887 – Stealth Pokémon

Drakloak, #886 – Caretaker Pokémon

It's capable of flying faster than 120 mph. It battles alongside Dreepy and dotes on them until they successfully evolve. Without a Dreepy to place on its head and care for, it gets so uneasy it'll try to substitute any Pokémon it finds for the missing Dreepy. Type: Dragon/Ghost Category: Caretaker Ability: Clear Body, which … Continue reading Drakloak, #886 – Caretaker Pokémon