Volcanion, #721 – Steam Pokémon

It lets out billows of steam and disappears into the dense fog. It's said to live in mountains where humans do not tread. It expels its internal steam from the arms on its back. It has enough power to blow away a mountain. Type: Fire/Water Category: Steam Ability: Water Absorb, which restores HP if hit by … Continue reading Volcanion, #721 – Steam Pokémon


Hoopa, #720 – Mischief and Djinn Pokémon

In its true form, it possesses a huge amount of power. Legends of its avarice tell how it once carried off an entire castle to gain the treasure hidden within. It is said to be able to seize anything it desires with its six rings and six huge arms. With its power sealed, it is … Continue reading Hoopa, #720 – Mischief and Djinn Pokémon

Diancie, #719 – Jewel Pokémon

A sudden transformation of Carbink, its pink, glimmering body is said to be the loveliest sight in the whole world. It can instantly create many diamonds by compressing the carbon in the air between its hands. Type: Rock/Fairy Category: Jewel Ability: Clear Body, which prevents other Pokémon from lowering its stats. Ability (Mega Diancie): Magic … Continue reading Diancie, #719 – Jewel Pokémon

Zygarde, #718 – Order Pokémon

Zygarde 50% Forme This is Zygarde's form when it has gathered 50% of its cells. It wipes out all those who oppose it, showing not a shred of mercy. It's thought to be monitoring the ecosystem. There are rumors that even greater power lies hidden within it. Zygarde 10% Forme Its sharp fangs make short … Continue reading Zygarde, #718 – Order Pokémon

Yveltal, #717 – Destruction Pokémon

When this legendary Pokémon's wings and tail feathers spread wide and glow red, it absorbs the life force of living creatures. When its life comes to an end, it absorbs the life energy of every living thing and turns into a cocoon once more. Type: Dark/Flying Category: Destruction Ability: Dark Aura, which powers up each Pokémon's Dark-type … Continue reading Yveltal, #717 – Destruction Pokémon

Xerneas, #716 – Life Pokémon

Legends say it can share eternal life. It slept for a thousand years in the form of a tree before its revival. When the horns on its head shine in seven colors, it is said to be sharing everlasting life. Type: Fairy Category: Life Ability: Fairy Aura, which powers up each Pokémon's Fairy-type moves. Hidden Ability: … Continue reading Xerneas, #716 – Life Pokémon

Noivern, #715 – Sound Wave Pokémon

They fly around on moonless nights and attack careless prey. Nothing can beat them in a battle in the dark. The ultrasonic waves it emits from its ears can reduce a large boulder to pebbles. It swoops out of the dark to attack. Type: Flying/Dragon Category: Sound Wave Ability: Frisk, where the Pokémon can check an opposing … Continue reading Noivern, #715 – Sound Wave Pokémon

Destination Pokémon posters back in stock at the official Pokémon Center

The official Pokémon Center is highlighting each Pokémon region with a series of original artwork inspired by vintage travel posters. These unique pieces serve as the inspiration for the all-new Destination Pokémon collection of travel accessories and décor. Perfect for jaunts around town and trips abroad—as well as decorating your home or office—the Destination Pokémon … Continue reading Destination Pokémon posters back in stock at the official Pokémon Center

Noibat, #714 – Sound Wave Pokémon

They live in pitch-black caves. Their enormous ears can emit ultrasonic waves of 200,000 hertz. Even a robust wrestler will become dizzy and unable to stand when exposed to its 200,000-hertz ultrasonic waves. Type: Flying/Dragon Category: Sound Wave Ability: Frisk, where the Pokémon can check an opposing Pokémon's held item. Or Infiltrator, which passes through the opposing … Continue reading Noibat, #714 – Sound Wave Pokémon

Avalugg, #713 – Iceberg Pokémon

Its ice-covered body is as hard as steel. Its cumbersome frame crushes anything that stands in its way. The way several Bergmite huddle on its back makes it look like an aircraft carrier made of ice. Type: Ice Category: Iceberg Ability: Own Tempo, which prevents the Pokémon from becoming confused. Or Ice Body, where the Pokémon … Continue reading Avalugg, #713 – Iceberg Pokémon