Meowth’s frightened ghost has managed to escape from his body

It arguably looks even more scared than Meowth himself.


Meowth looks like he’s done something terribly wrong

At least he seems to be regretting it and is living the consequences.

Spotting Weepinbell in the wild are among the things that make James develop a bubbly reaction

Even if it does make his Cacnea seem a bit jealous.

Cacnea looks kinda jealous at how James is reacting to seeing Weepinbell

The do have a history together after all.

It’s cross-dressing time for Jessie and James

James decided to cross-dress as a lady, while Jessie is posing as a soldier.

Chances are that Jessie’s actions led to James weeping this much

She can be pretty rough sometimes.

Team Rocket looks up to nefarious Colonel Hansen and his Pokémon for obvious reasons

They also feel threatened by them.