Pictures showcase the new Poké Ball Plus and Nintendo Switch accessories from Cyber Gadget

Japanese manufacturer Cyber Gadget has released its officially-licensed silicon covers for Poké Ball Plus. They come in either yellow or brown, resembling the two mascots of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. There’s also a second batch featuring the colors red and blue, with shades that match Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. These covers were designed to protect your Poké Ball Plus from minor falls and scratches. They also enable you to charge the device without having to remove them. Cyber Gadget has also released an EVA Pouch for Poké Ball Plus. This pouch allows you to store the device and protect it when it’s dropped. It is equipped with a carabiner for further protection and is capable of storing the Poké Ball Plus wrapped with the aforementioned silicon covers.

The company has also released a carrying case that comes in all black or Poké Ball-inspired colors for Nintendo Switch. The case can hold the console, a Poké Ball Plus, an AC adapter, two microSD cards and more than 20 game cards. Cyber Gadget has also released a Poké Ball Plus Charging Stand, which is compatible with the aforementioned silicon covers. All these new products are now available for purchase in Japan via retailers such as Amazon Japan. To see learn more and to see more pictures, click here.



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