Pokémon Players Cup III Pokkén Tournament DX tournament registration begins on March 8

The third Pokémon Players Cup has been announced. Read on below to learn more:

Pokkén Tournament: No Open Qualifier required. Region Online Qualifier Registration for the Tournament begins on March 8, 2021, through March 16th, 2021, (the “Registration Period”). For purposes of these Official Rules all times are Pacific Time. (“PT”).

Pokémon Players Cup III: Pokkén Tournament DX Video Game Event Information

Masters Division players competing in the Pokémon Players Cup III for Pokkén Tournament DX will compete in two tournament phases.

Players will be able to register for the Pokémon Players Cup III Region Qualifiers. Registration will be capped.

  • North America rating zone (US and Canada): 128 Players
  • Europe rating zone (Europe): 128 Players
  • Oceania rating zone (Oceania): 64 Players

The Oceania rating zone comprises only Australia and New Zealand.

Check back in February for more details on registration.

In March, players will then compete in Region Qualifiers within their region (based on rating zone, excluding Latin America, South Africa, and Russia). Each Region Qualifier will be a separate double-elimination bracket taking place over two weekends so that play times can be optimized by rating zone and so that the time commitment to play at home will be only a few hours per session. Players will be required to register online before the qualification date and will need an account with both Discord and Battlefy to participate.

Matches will be best of three and will use the Basic Battle 1v1 Format. Specific details on rules and report times will be available at a later date.

The full tournament rules are available here.

Pokémon Players Cup III Region Qualifier Schedule

March 20: Bracket play until 16 players remain in each region

March 27: Bracket play continues until the below numbers of players remain in each region

  • North America: 4 players
  • Europe: 3 players
  • Oceania: 1 player

Pokémon Players Cup III Global Finals

The finals will include eight players who have advanced from the Region Qualifiers. The finals will be a new double-elimination bracket. The Global Finals will be played April 10–11 at a time to be determined and sent to finalists via email.


The following players will not be eligible to participate in the Region Qualifiers.

  • Players who were born in 2005 or later (Junior and Senior Divisions, based on the 2021 season)
  • Players who reside outside countries supported by the following Play! Pokémon rating zones: North America (US and Canada), Europe, and Oceania
  • Players who have not opted in to the Play! Pokémon Terms of Use
  • Players who are unable to abide by the Pokkén Tournament DX online tournament rules

Additional eligibility rules may apply.

*All details, including rules, dates, and eligibility, are subject to change.

Source: Pokemon.com

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