Pokemon: Return to Sinnoh

The Sinnoh region is undoubtedly a beloved one, and after twelve, time-flown years, we’re finally coming back! First released in September of 2006 for Japan and in April of 2007 for North America, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were the first Pokemon installments for the Nintendo DS. Not only was a new wave of Pokemon introduced, but we also saw some familiar yet new faces come into play. Leafeon and Glaceon, for example, were the newly-introduced grass and ice-type respective evolutions for Kanto’s Eevee, who until then, was only known to have five possible evolutions – and let’s not forget Electivire and Magmortar: more new faces who were tied to older ones. The world was also introduced to Lucario, one of the Pokemon franchise’s favorite faces, and Garchomp, who’s associated with one of the toughest Champions-to-date, Cynthia. Two years later, its sequel, Pokemon Platinum was released, which added yet another legendary and story to the ever-growing Pokemon lore, and in a few months’ time, we’ll find out what Sinnoh has in store for us next. Such momentary glimpses of the past remind us that a story is never truly finished: that any story can be be returned to with the promise that something new will be discovered.

While at first glance, the remake looks faithful to its 2007 adaptation, we’re sure to be surprised with something the originals had yet to see. What that surprise is will remain unknown until then, but the time between then and now can be used for [fun] speculation. Will it be a new Pokemon? A new evolution or form? Or maybe Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will find its link to Pokemon Legends: Arceus in a way no one’s expected. Do you have an idea? Share it down in the comments below!

“Side-by-side we will ride once again…nothing can stop us as we journey across unknown lands…and we will meet again.”

—“We Will Meet Again” from Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

The start and end of a journey is always a story worth remembering. What makes the Sinnoh region special is that it was the region that brought together both the older and newer generation of players. It was also the pause or continuation of the mainline series for some and the fresh start of a Pokemon journey for others. It was a bid farewell to the GameBoy Advance series and a welcome to the Nintendo DS line. Fans of the show will also have remembered that a majority of the voiceover cast switched over to newer voice actors, so the introduction of Generation o4. was like saying “Welcome” and “See you later” at the same time to Pokemon as we knew it. Knowing that those memories can never be replaced nor erased, however, made Sinnoh (as it has with any other region) become precious moments to look back on – to return to – and that gave some sort of hope that there would always be a chance that we could meet again – and now, we have the confirmation that we will meet again.

While waiting for the release date may feel like a lifetime’s worth away, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be here before we know it, and until that moment comes, I highly recommend to both old and new players alike, to pull out their old copies of Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, call out their chosen [Sinnoh] starters, and prepare for the next journey in a well-known land!

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