Fusion Strike English Card List Revealed

The eight expansion of Sword & Shield Series, Fusion Strike will be available on 12 November 2021. This expansion has over 260 cards including 20 Pokemon V, 8 Pokemon VMAX, 20 Fusion Strike Cards, 20 Trainer Cards, new Single Strike Cards and Rapid Strike Cards and 1 new Special Energy.  Most of the cards from Fusion Strike will come from Japanese expansion s8 Fusion Arts card list  and Family Pokemon Card Game. Some cards will be taken from other Japan expansions such as s7d Sykscrapping Perfect , s7r Blue Sky Streams6a Eeevee Heroes , sGI High Class Deck Inteleon VMAX and sGG High Class Deck Gengar VMAX which were not included in Evolving Skies expansion.

As can be seen in Fusion Arts card list, some Pokemon has Fusion Strike in their name. Fusion Strike is another form of play styles like Single Strike and Rapid Strike. The idea of Fusion Strike play style is based on the teamwork or cooperation between Fusion Strike Pokemon and Fusion Strike Trainers to either deal massive damage or inflict negative effect on your opponent Pokemon.

Expansion Description

The path ahead is riddled with rivals and fierce battles. Fortunately, it also harbors limitless potential as the new Fusion Strike style emerges, capturing the unbound spirit of Pokémon and Trainers alike! Adaptable new Pokémon V like Genesect V, Hoopa V, and Mew VMAX are eager for battle, while Single Strike and Rapid Strike Pokémon loom large as Rillaboom VMAX, Cinderace VMAX, and Inteleon VMAX appear in their Gigantamax forms. Go with the flow and discover powerful new strategies in Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Fusion Strike!

Fusion Strike Card List [Card Images Here]

Pokemon without Rule Box


  1. Caterpie (Fusion Arts)
  2. Metapod (Fusion Arts)
  3. Butterfree (Fusion Arts)
  4. Shroomish (Fusion Arts)
  5. Breloom (Fusion Arts)
  6. Pansage (Blue Sky Stream)
  7. Simisage (Blue Sky Stream)
  8. Seaddle (Eevee Heroes)
  9. Swadloon (Eevee Heroes)
  10. Leavanny (Eevee Heroes)
  11. Maractus (Fusion Arts)
  12. Shelmet (Fusion Arts)
  13. Accelgor (Fusion Arts)
  14. Virizion (Fusion Arts)
  15. Phantump (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  16. Trevenant (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  17. Grubbin (Fusion Arts)
  18. Dewpider (Eevee Heroes)
  19. Araquanid (Eevee Heroes)
  20. Gossifleur (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  21. Eldegoss (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  22. Zarude (Family Pokemon Card Game)


  1. Vulpix (Blue Sky Stream)
  2. Vulpix (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  3. Ninetales (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  4. Ninetales (Blue Sky Stream)
  5. Growlithe (Fusion Arts)
  6. Arcanine (Fusion Arts)
  7. Slugma (Eevee Heroes)
  8. Magcago (Eevee Heroes)
  9. Victini (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  10. Pansear (Blue Sky Stream)
  11. Simisear (Blue Sky Stream)
  12. Heatmor (Fusion Arts)
  13. Oricorio (Fusion Arts)
  14. Sizzlipede (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  15. Sizzlipede (Blue Sky Stream)
  16. Centiskorch (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  17. Centiskorch (Blue Sky Stream)


  1. Shellder (Blue Sky Stream)
  2. Cloyster (Blue Sky Stream)
  3. Staryu (Fusion Arts)
  4. Starmie (Fusion Arts)
  5. Lapras (High Class Deck Inteleon VMAX)
  6. Totodile (Fusion Arts)
  7. Croconaw (Fusion Arts)
  8. Feraligatr (Fusion Arts)
  9. Marill (Eevee Heroes)
  10. Azumarill (Eevee Heroes)
  11. Qwilfish (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  12. Mantine (Eevee Heroes)
  13. Mudkip (Eevee Heroes)
  14. Marshtomp (Eevee Heroes)
  15. Swampert (Eevee Heroes)
  16. Clamperl (Fusion Arts)
  17. Huntail (Fusion Arts)
  18. Gorebyss (Fusion Arts)
  19. Panpour (Skyscraping Perfect)
  20. Simipour (Skyscraping Perfect)
  21. Basculin (High Class Deck Inteleon VMAX)
  22. Galarian Darumaka (Blue Sky Stream)
  23. Galarian Darmanitan (Blue Sky Stream)
  24. Clauncher (Skyscraping Perfect)
  25. Clawitzer (Skyscraping Perfect)
  26. Pyukumuku (Fusion Arts)
  27. Chewtle (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  28. Drewnaw (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  29. Arrokuda (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  30. Barraskewda (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  31. Snom (Fusion Arts)
  32. Frosmoth (Fusion Arts)


  1. Voltorb (Eevee Heroes)
  2. Electrode (Eevee Heroes)
  3. Plusle (Blue Sky Stream)
  4. Minun (Blue Sky Stream)
  5. Shinx (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  6. Luxio (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  7. Luxray (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  8. Tynamo (Eevee Heroes)
  9. Eelektrik (Eevee Heroes)
  10. Eelektross (Eevee Heroes)
  11. Helioptile (Fusion Arts)
  12. Heliolisk (Fusion Arts)
  13. Charjabug (Fusion Arts)
  14. Vikavolt (Fusion Arts)
  15. Zeraora (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  16. Toxel (Blue Sky Stream)
  17. Toxel (Fusion Arts)
  18. Toxtricity (Blue Sky Stream)
  19. Toxtricity (Fusion Arts)
  20. Morpeko (Family Pokemon Card Game


  1. Sandshrew (Blue Sky Stream)
  2. Sandslash (Blue Sky Stream)
  3. Mankey (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  4. Primeape (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  5. Geodude (Fusion Arts)
  6. Graveller (Fusion Arts)
  7. Golem (Fusion Arts)
  8. Onix (Fusion Arts)
  9. Steelix (Fusion Arts)
  10. Gligar (Skyscraping Perfect)
  11. Gliscor (Skyscraping Perfect)
  12. Makuhita (Skyscraping Perfect)
  13. Hariyama (Skyscraping Perfect)
  14. Baltoy (Blue Sky Stream)
  15. Claydol (Blue Sky Stream)
  16. Drilbur (Fusion Arts)
  17. Landorus (Blue Sky Stream)
  18. Pancham (Eevee Heroes)
  19. Stufful (Blue Sky Stream)
  20. Bewear (Blue Sky Stream)
  21. Cobbopus (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  22. Grapploct (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  23. Falinks (Fusion Arts)
  24. Falinks (Family Pokemon Card Game)


  1. Jigglypuff (Skyscraping Perfect)
  2. Wigglytuff (Skyscraping Perfect)
  3. Jynx (Fusion Arts)
  4. Snubbull (Fusion Arts)
  5. Granbull (Fusion Arts)
  6. Galarian Corsola (Fusion Arts)
  7. Galarian Cursola (Fusion Arts)
  8. Mawile (Eevee Heroes)
  9. Deoxys (Fusion Arts)
  10. Munna (Fusion Arts)
  11. Musharna (Fusion Arts)
  12. Sigilyph (Skyscraping Perfect)
  13. Meloetta (Fusion Arts)
  14. Sandygast (Eevee Heroes)
  15. Palossand (Eevee Heroes)
  16. Indeedee (Eevee Heroes)
  17. Dreepy (Fusion Arts)
  18. Drakloak (Fusion Arts)
  19. Dragapult (Fusion Arts)


  1. Galarian Zigzagoon (Fusion Arts)
  2. Galarian Linoone (Fusion Arts)
  3. Galarian Obstagoon (Fusion Arts)
  4. Carvanha (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  5. Sharpedo (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  6. Absol (Skyscraping Perfect)
  7. Croagunk (Skyscraping Perfect)
  8. Toxicroak (Skyscraping Perfect)
  9. Darkrai (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  10. Trubbish (Fusion Arts)
  11. Garbodor (Fusion Arts)
  12. Zorua (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  13. Zoroark (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  14. Vullaby (Fusion Arts)
  15. Mandibuzz (Fusion Arts)
  16. Pangoro (Eevee Heroes)
  17. Yvelta (High Class Gengar VMAX Deck)
  18. Impidimp (Eevee Heroes)
  19. Morgrem (Eevee Heroes)
  20. Grimmsnarl (Eevee Heroes)
  21. Morpeko (High Class Gengar VMAX Deck)


  1. Galarian Meowth (Skyscraping Perfect)
  2. Galarian Perrserker (Skyscraping Perfect)
  3. Skarmory (Skyscraping Perfect)
  4. Excadrill (Fusion Arts)
  5. Durant (Fusion Arts)
  6. Klefki (Skyscraping Perfect)
  7. Togedemaru (Fusion Arts)
  8. Meltan (Fusion Arts)
  9. Melmetal (Fusion Arts)
  10. Corviknight (Fusion Arts)
  11. Cufant (Skyscraping Perfect)
  12. Copperajah (Skyscraping Perfect)


  1. Latias (Fusion Arts)
  2. Latios (Fusion Arts)
  3. Goomy (Fusion Arts)
  4. Sliggoo (Fusion Arts)
  5. Goodra (Fusion Arts)
  6. Turtonator (Blue Sky Stream)


  1. Meowth (Eevee Heroes)
  2. Persian (Eevee Heroes)
  3. Chansey (Blue Sky Stream)
  4. Blissey (Blue Sky Stream)
  5. Khangashkan (Eevee Heroes)
  6. Eevee (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  7. Snorlax (Family Pokemon Card Game)
  8. Dunsparce (Fusion Arts)
  9. Stantler (Blue Sky Stream)
  10. Smeargle (Fusion Arts)
  11. Skitty (Fusion Arts)
  12. Delcatty (Fusion Arts)
  13. Buneary (High Class Deck Inteleon VMAX)
  14. Loupunny (High Class Deck Inteleon VMAX)
  15. Bunnelby (Fusion Arts)
  16. Diggersby (Fusion Arts)
  17. Hawlucha (High Class Deck Inteleon VMAX)
  18. Rookidee (Fusion Arts)
  19. Corvisquire (Fusion Arts)
  20. Wooloo (Skyscraping Perfect)
  21. Dubwool (Skyscraping Perfect)

Pokemon V

  1. Breloom V
  2. Tsareena V
  3. Rillaboom V Rapid Strike
  4. Appletun V
  5. Chandelure V
  6. Cinderace V
  7. Cinderace V Single Strike
  8. Greninja V
  9. Crabominable V
  10. Inteleon V Rapid Strike
  11. Pikachu V
  12. Boltund V
  13. Mew V Fusion Strike
  14. Lucario V
  15. Gengar V Single Strike
  16. Tyranitar V
  17. Hoopa V
  18. Genesect V Fusion Strike
  19. Dodrio V
  20. Greedent V

Pokemon VMAX

  1. Rillaboom VMAX Rapid Strike
  2. Chandelure VMAX
  3. Cinderace VMAX Single Strike
  4. Inteleon VMAX Rapid Strike
  5. Boltund VMAX
  6. Mew VMAX Fusion Strike
  7. Gengar VMAX Single Strike
  8. Greedent VMAX


  1. Adventurer’s Discovery
  2. VIP Battle Pass
  3. Bug Catcher
  4. Chili, Cilan, & Cress
  5. Cook
  6. Cram-o-matic
  7. Cross Receiver
  8. Cross Switcher
  9. Dancer
  10. Elesa’s Sparkle
  11. Grand Bell of Remembrance
  12. Judge
  13. Power Tablet
  14. Quick Ball
  15. School Boy
  16. School Girl
  17. Shauna
  18. Sidney
  19. Skate Park
  20. Spongy Gloves


  1. Fusion Energy

Secret Rares

  1. Celebi V [Alternate Art]
  2. Tsareena V [Full Art]
  3. Chandelure V [Full Art]
  4. Crabominable V [Full Art]
  5. Boltund V [Full Art]
  6. Mew V [Full Art]
  7. Mew V [Alternate Art]
  8. Sandaconda V [Alternate Art]
  9. Hoopa V [Full Art]
  10. Genesect V [Full Art]
  11. Genesect V [Alternate Art]
  12. Greedent V [Full Art]
  13. Greedent V [Alternate Art]
  14. Chili & Cilan & Cress [Full Art]
  15. Dancer [Full Art]
  16. Elesa’s Sparkle [Full Art]
  17. Schoolboy [Full Art]
  18. Shoolgirl [Full Art]
  19. Shauna [Full Art]
  20. Sidney [Full Art]
  21. Chandelure VMAX [Rainbow Rare]
  22. Inteleon VMAX Rapid Strike [Alternate Art]
  23. Boltund VMAX [Rainbow Rare]
  24. Mew VMAX [Rainbow Rare]
  25. Mew VMAX [Alternate Art]
  26. Espeon VMAX [Alternate Art]
  27. Gengar VMAX Single Strike [Alternate Art]
  28. Chilli & Cilan & Cress [Rainbow Rare]
  29. Dancer [Rainbow Rare]
  30. Elesa’s Sparkle [Rainbow Rare]
  31. Schoolboy [Rainbow Rare]
  32. Schoolgirl [Rainbow Rare]
  33. Shauna [Rainbow Rare]
  34. Sidney [Rainbow Rare]
  35. Flaaffy [Rainbow Rare]
  36. Power Tablets [Gold Rare]
  37. Training Court [Gold Rare]
  38. Grass Energy [Gold Rare]
  39. Fire Energy [Gold Rare]

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