Video: The official Pokémon GO special drone show that was delayed last week has now been released by Niantic, check it out here

The Pokémon Company and Niantic have showcased a Pokémon GO-inspired drone light show using more than 700 drones in Hokkaido, Japan. Due to technical difficulties and challenges, this show was initially canceled, but it has now been released:

【アーカイブ映像】『ポケモン GO』スペシャルドローンショー IN おたる潮まつり

7月24日(日)に実施された、「#ポケモンGO スペシャルドローンショー IN おたる潮まつり」のアーカイブ映像です。


Feel free to check out another Pokémon-themed drone show via the embedded video below:

Pikachu vs Charizard IN REAL LIFE! Drone Light Show Pokemon Card Opening and Battle in Dallas Texas

Sky Elements teamed up with @Leonhart54 to bring Pokémon to real life, gigantamax scale, using 250 drones in an amazing drone light show at Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas.

Source: Sky Elements Drone Shows on YouTube

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