Bronzong based on the one used by 2022 Pokémon Senior World Champion Yasuharu Shimizu will be distributed via Mystery Gift for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet during the Pokémon Japan Championships 2023 livestreams on June 10 and 11

The Pokémon Company has announced that there will be multiple Pokémon Scarlet and Violet online competitions throughout April and May to tie in with the official Pokémon Japan Championships 2023. Read on below to learn more:

“Pokemon World Championships 2022” Video Game Division, Senior Category Champion Pokemon Presented!

In the program of the “PJCS2023” game section channel, we will present the champion Pokemon of the video game section senior category of “Pokemon World Championships 2022” (“Pokémon WCS2022”) held in London, England last August!
The Pokemon to be presented is Dotakun. “Pokemon WCS 2022” It’s a Pokemon that was selected for the battle team of the senior category winning player.
The gift method will be announced in the program! Watch today’s program for more information.

Pokemon to be presented

Pokémon Dotakun
level 50
good night Soramitsu
peculiarity Fuyuu
Mochimono Food strainer
move body press, top, protect, trick room

Precautions when receiving Dotakun

  • ・It will be a gift based on the “password” in the live broadcast. Therefore, presents may have ended when watching time-shifted viewing.
  • ・ Pokemon to be presented can only be received in “Pocket Monster Scarlet Violet”.
  • ・Cannot be received in the “Pocket Monster” series other than “Pocket Monster Scarlet Violet”.
  • ・You can receive only one animal per save data.
  • ・When receiving, please try in a place with a good communication environment.
  • ・Please see here for how to receive Pokemon in “Mysterious Gift” of “Pocket Monster Scarlet Violet” .

Source: Official Pokémon website


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