How to unlock the advantages of QR Rental Teams in Pokémon Sun and Moon

When browsing through the thousands of QR Rental Teams in Pokémon Sun and Moon, it can be hard to decide which one to try out. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the diversity of teams, and even harder to choose between teams that have only subtle differences. Here are some suggestions for choosing a team to download and battle with.

Before we go any further, there’s one key search parameter to keep in mind. Be sure to choose whether you want to battle in Single or Double Battles first before selecting any other search conditions. There’s a reason it’s the top option when searching for teams—the strategies can vary wildly between the two formats.

Finding the Right Fit

QR Rental Teams are great for trying out teams that feature specific strategies. For example, if you want to use a Rain team, look for teams that have a Pokémon with the Drizzle Ability. Or if you want to try a team built around the move Trick Room, you can search for that move. If you’re familiar enough with the current popular teams, you can even search for Trick Room in addition to one of the Pokémon that often knows it, such as Porygon2 or Mimikyu in the World Championships format. Using search parameters can save you time in narrowing down exactly the kind of team you’re looking for.

When searching for a QR Rental Team, you’re limited to searching for one Pokémon at a time. Think wisely about which Pokémon to search for—is there a Pokémon that you really like and you’re looking for ideas for partner Pokémon? Have you heard about a Pokémon that was a surprise powerhouse in a recent tournament and you want to see how other Trainers have been using it? Answering questions like these will help you find a team that suits your tastes. Also, consider combining your Pokémon search with our earlier tips on selecting moves and Abilities. For example, maybe you have a Mudsdale that is super strong and unbelievably slow. Search for it and Trick Room to check out teams that can turn Mudsdale into a powerful and fast Pokémon in the midst of battle. Then try a few teams out and learn what works best before developing your own team.

Finally, read the comments! The Trainers who constructed these teams often have helpful things to say about them, or at the very least they’ll tell you how well they did in a recent tournament. Often, they will leave tips about which Pokémon to lead with, or the basic premise of the team.

Rent Before You Buy

You can use QR Rental Teams in battles via Quick Link and the Festival Plaza, the Battle Tree, the Battle Royal Dome, and at the Battle Spot. Even though you won’t be able to use QR Rental Teams against some of the opponents you encounter when traveling in the Alola region, battling with these teams can ease the challenges of future battles with your own Pokémon.

Both the Battle Tree and the Battle Royal Dome allow you to battle using QR Rental Teams. Each battle you win in these facilities will earn you some BP, which you can save up for important items. Even if your own teams aren’t strong enough to achieve long win streaks in these facilities yet, you can use powerful teams raised by other Trainers to earn enough BP to purchase powerful items to bolster your own Pokémon.

If you haven’t already started training Pokémon for competitions, earning BP to purchase “power items” such as Power Bracer at the Battle Royal Dome is a critical first step. And if you’re looking to improve your team’s performance, you can purchase important held items including Life Orb, Choice Scarf, and Focus Sash at the Battle Tree. You can also buy many items for raising your Pokémon, such as Ability Capsule, Rare Candy, PP Max, and the items some Pokémon need to evolve.

Choose a Single Battle team for Single Battles or a Double Battle team for Double Battles in the Battle Tree. Search for a reliable team that will help you build long win streaks worth lots of BP. It can be tricky to find an ideal team for Multi Battles or Battle Royals because you’ll only be commanding one of the four Pokémon on the field. We suggest looking for sturdy Pokémon that can still dish out damage so that the Pokémon you have on the field can be self-sufficient no matter what the other Pokémon on the field do.

QR Rental Teams are also a great way to try out new Pokémon and strategies. It can take a long time to plan and raise a top-performing team of your own, but you can battle with a QR Rental Team in an instant. Before you spend lots of time with a new team only to find out you’d prefer using a different strategy, try finding a similar QR Rental Team. You can try the team out by battling opponents on the Battle Spot or against a friend through Quick Link or the Festival Plaza. You can find out through battle whether you’re ready to put your own twist on the team or if you’d rather move on to a new strategy. And you can learn a lot about how other Trainers are likely to act in battle by trying out different teams, too.

Experimenting with QR Rental Teams can be both fun and educational as you improve your skills in battling and team construction. Start renting teams today at the Pokémon Global Link!

Source: Pokémon Global Link


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