New report finds that four out of five Pokémon GO players have quit

Millions of people are still playing Pokémon GO on a daily basis, but it’s nowhere near the massive number of users near launch in July 2016. According to a new report, Pokémon GO peaked with 28.5 million users in the United States on July 13, 2016 – one week after the game made its debut. But by the end of the month, that number had fallen to around 20 million users and dropped to 10 million by September. As you can see in the chart above, Pokémon GO dipped all the way down to under 5 million daily active users in the U.S. before apparently leveling out around the holidays. Nevertheless, five million users is still a considerable amount compared to other mobile games.

Source: BGR


2 thoughts on “New report finds that four out of five Pokémon GO players have quit

  1. Yes that true, the problem is the delay of Pokemon out if the continue of Pokémon gen three still delay quite a lot of them quit. I also facing some problems that I am very faithful with the game no cheating for catching Pokémon and spent quite a lot of money to buy egg and I don’t like it that I quite often received the notice about a magnet saying that please key in your correct account. My friend and I playing Pokémon bring up to now I just level 40. But some people playing cheating game such as fly over to catch 100% Pokémon or they fly over to catch a lot of Pokémon in the water they are not ban. I find that very unfair to us which we run about to catch Pokémon. Please look into this matter.

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    1. I totally feel ya. There are still plenty of Pokémon GO cheaters out there and they’re taking away from the experience of those who are playing legitimately. Hopefully Niantic finds a way to prevent cheating in the game once and for all.


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