Pokémon Sun and Moon manga The Fourteenth Chapter kicks off in Japan

The latest saga of the Pokémon Special/Pokémon Adventures manga, focusing on the events of Pokémon Sun and Moon recently kicked off in Japan via various Japanese magazines. A detailed summary of the entire saga is as follows:

On the warm islands of Alola, Sun is a cheerful and energetic boy who works as a courier, calling upon various Ride Pokemon to assist him in his deliveries. Not only does he nickname his Pokemon after currencies, but he is unusually particular when it comes to money. What is the reason behind his goal of earning 100 million yen?

Meanwhile, Moon the visitor who is also a pharmacist doesn’t seem particularly impressed by Alola’s fascinating scenery and wilderness. She would rather resort to bow and arrows instead of using Pokemon to complete her tasks. Hopefully, she is ready for whatever Alola has in store for her, especially when the island guardian deities are apparently furious for some mysterious reason…

Source: Serebii


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