Two new detailed Pokémon prints come to Pokémon Center, featuring Vermilion City and Silence Bridge

The Pokémon Center has officially welcomed two new Pokémon art pieces created using the traditional woodblock printing method. According to The Pokémon Company, they are for serious Pokémon fans and collectors. The beautiful woodblock prints take historical works of art and update them with modern depictions of Pokémon and people in a visually striking way.

The Vermilion City print presents a variety of Kanto Pokémon, including Slowpoke, Charizard, and Gyarados, as well as scenes of normal life in the port city. More than two dozen Pokémon appear in the print. The Silence Bridge print portrays the start of an exciting battle, setting the duo of Pokémon Trainer Red and his partner Pikachu against a Snorlax just awakened by a Poké Flute. The art is an homage to a famous battle between two samurai from the 12th century.

Woodblock printing, or ukiyo-e, is a traditional art style in Japan that is known for its painstaking attention to detail. First, an artist draws an image, and then a sculptor carves the image into wooden boards, one for each color. A painter uses the boards to create a layered print matching the original art. The result is a richly colored woodblock print. These new Pokémon prints use the same hand-crafted technique, requiring multiple people and an enormous amount of time to produce these limited copies. The woodblock prints are just the latest example of the special and exclusive items coming to the Pokémon Center. Get a closer look at the two breathtaking woodblock prints in the Pokémon Center today.



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