New Chargemander charging battery case revealed for mobile games, Pokémon GO

GogoToro has revealed its second-generation Chargemander, which is touted as the world’s fastest charging battery case for mobile users designed specifically for games like Pokémon GO. Read on below for more details about this device from GogoToro’s Reid Covington:

You can’t hatch a 10-kilometer egg in Pokémon GO with 20% phone battery charge. That’s why we created The Chargemander. As Pokénerd gamers ourselves, we wanted to create a case powerful enough to serve our mobile gaming needs, but stylish enough that it would make everyone else chasing Pikachus jealous.

We launched The Chargemander last summer and raised $169,232 on Kickstarter. After receiving feedback from our 2,009 backers, we’ve made some nice improvements and are launching the 2nd Generation Chargemander to the public on June 6th.

Paired with an iconic Pokédex-shaped design, the new version provides gamers with a 5200 mAh battery capacity, which means 300% more battery for extended gameplay sessions. The best-selling portable battery chargers on the market worldwide charge your phone within 2-3 hours. Our proprietary fast-charge technology guarantees you a full charge in just 15 minutes. The 2nd Generation Chargemander lasts 1200 battery cycles or 3 – 4 years, meaning this is the ultimate battery case for mobile gamers – just in time for the biggest pokémon update to date, player vs player battling, rumored to be released this summer.


3 thoughts on “New Chargemander charging battery case revealed for mobile games, Pokémon GO

  1. Buyer definitely beware with this company. If false promises were the product they were selling they’d be one of the best. There are so many complaints regarding cases that don’t even charge the phone, doors falling off or not closing all the way, connectors falling off, buttons not working correctly, and that’s just from people who have received their orders. A lot of people have been waiting since before last Christmas. They’ve assured their backers that backers come first and no one will get a Chargemander before they do. This is a lie.

    To be fair, it seems like some people have been fortunate enough to get working devices, but it’s like playing Russian Roulette. I don’t know if it’s because Kickstarter makes it more difficult, but backers make it sound like it’s hard to get your money back from them once they have it.


  2. Warning to everyone: Do NOT buy a chargemander. Their website timeline indicates a maximim of 6 weeks to ship. It’s been six months, and the one I ordered still hasn’t even been made yet. Contacting them about a refund, I was told they couldn’t issue one because their company can’t afford it, in spite of the 30-day money back guarantee on their website, after which they went silent. On top of that, comments on their website are heavily censored (requiring site approval before they show up), while the kickstarter page has over 1,000 negative comments from people who never received theirs, or were disappointed by the low quality and how quickly it broke once they did receive it. See here:


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