The “Fish Pokémon at Rare Spots!” global mission has begun in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Get hooked on fishing in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon with the seventh global mission at the Pokémon Global Link (PGL)! In the “Fish Pokémon at Rare Spots!” global mission, participants have a goal to collectively catch 250,000 Pokémon/items at bubbling fishing spots between May 30 at 00:00 UTC and June 12 at 23:59 UTC. Everyone who casts their line for this global mission will earn Festival Coins, and Pokémon Global Link members can earn even more rewards!

Bubbling fishing spots are located all over the Alola region. Sometimes you’ll catch Pokémon you won’t find anywhere else, or find hard-to-get items in the watery depths. Stay on the lookout for these special fishing spots!

To join a global mission, first head to the Festival Plaza in your Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon game. Enter the castle and speak to the receptionist on the right. She’ll let you join the global mission and guarantee that the Pokémon and items you catch will count toward this global mission. Then, start fishing for Pokémon and items at bubbling fishing spots.

If the goal of 250,000 Pokémon/items is reached, Pokémon Global Link members will earn 4,000 Festival Coins, while Trainers who do not belong to the PGL will earn 2,000 Festival Coins. If the goal is not reached, the participation prize will be 400 Festival Coins for PGL members, and 200 Festival Coins for Trainers not registered at the PGL.

PGL members are also eligible to receive a Lure Ball—a Poké Ball that has better odds of catching a Pokémon while fishing—if a bonus goal of 500,000 Pokémon/items is caught. Plus, regardless of the success of the global mission, any PGL member who contributes at least three Pokémon/items will earn five Rare Candies!

Remember that a PGL account is free, and you have until the end of the global mission time period to create an account and sync your game to earn the bigger bonus. Sign up for a PGL account today.

Check out How to Participate in Global Missions if you’d like a more detailed walkthrough on how to join the fun.

Good luck in the “Fish Pokémon at Rare Spots!” global mission! Remember to use Game Sync by June 12 at 23:59 UTC to get your haul of Pokémon and items counted toward the grand total.

PGL Global Mission Prize Summary

Goal Reached (a total of 250,000 Pokémon/items):
• PGL members earn 4,000 FC
• Non-PGL members earn 2,000 FC

Bonus Goal Reached (a total of 500,000 Pokémon/items):
• PGL members earn Lure Ball

Goal Not Reached (<250,000 Pokémon/items):
• PGL members earn 400 FC
• Non-PGL members earn 200 FC

Individual Contributor (3 Pokémon/items caught, goal does not have to be met):
• PGL members earn 5 Rare Candies

Source: Pokémon Global Link


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