Game Freak’s Masayuki Onoue explains how Pokémon inspires him to create original games

Game Freak is best known for the core Pokémon video game series. However, that doesn’t mean the studio hasn’t worked on other projects over the years, such as HarmoKnight, Pocket Card Jockey, Tembo the Badass Elephant and Giga Wrecker. All four of these games were actually created using an in-house program called “Gear Project,” in which Game Freak developers create brand-new projects. During a recent interview, Game Freak programmer Masayuki Onoue explained how Pokémon inspires him and his team to create original games:

“When you make one [Pokémon] title, you spend several years working on it,” says Onoue. “So when that’s finished, I think people want to work on something new and come up with ideas for things they want to do.

“Yeah, making Pokémon is lots of fun, but I felt like I’d like to make at least one original game I could call mine,” said Onoue. “It’s because of Pokémon that we’re able to make this [Giga Wrecker].

“At Game Freak, when we make [Pokémon] games,” Onoue explained, “we’re often asked, ‘Why is this happening? Why is it like this?’ So we have to have reasons for what we do. If you cannot explain ‘why,’ then you cannot move forward, whether that’s the programming or the character design. It’s as though these characters are living and breathing, so everything needs to be explained and have a reason. So we have this culture of being asked ‘why’ and having to explain ourselves.

“We really worked on the smallest details and would make adjustments, not just to Giga Wrecker’s game play, but to its in-game world. I think that was the influence from how we make Pokémon games. It’s what makes Game Freak, well, Game Freak.”

Source: Kotaku East


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