Black Kyurem and White Kyurem clash in the new Pokémon TCG Battle Arena Decks: Black Kyurem vs. White Kyurem

The Pokémon TCG Battle Arena Decks: Black Kyurem vs. White Kyurem feature a lot of cool cards, including four Pokémon-EX, lots of foil basic Energy cards, and even brand-new illustrations of Professor Sycamore and Trainers’ Mail. However, what really makes this collection great is that it comes as two complete decks that are ready to play against each other. The two contrasting forms of Kyurem make for an ideal head-to-head matchup, but these decks are also fun against other casual decks of your own design. Let’s take a look at both decks and the strategy they’re trying to achieve.

Black Kyurem Deck

True to its name, there are two different Black Kyurem-EX in this deck, and they can serve different roles depending on the situation. The first Black Kyurem-EX probably stands out more—its Black Ballista attack does a whopping 200 damage! The other Black Kyurem-EX is no slouch, either, capable of doing 150 damage with its Freeze Shock attack. But both have a big problem: hefty Energy costs. The solution is Magnezone’s Magnetic Circuit Ability, which allows you to play as many Lightning Energy as you want every turn. Once Magnezone is up and running, you can charge up nearly any of your Pokémon in a single turn.

Since you need to play so many Energy from your hand, you’ll need to get them back constantly and draw more cards to keep the attacks coming. Fisherman and Energy Retrieval both put Energy from the discard pile into your hand, so you can keep powering up for more attacks. Super Rod can shuffle Energy back into your deck, but then you’ll need to draw them again later. Electrode can help out with its Magnetic Draw Ability, which allows you to draw until you have four cards in your hand.

It’s fairly easy to see how the engine of this deck works with Magnezone and Electrode operating at full speed. Once you get these Pokémon going, your Black Kyurem-EX will be tough to stop!

White Kyurem Deck

The White Kyurem deck also features two different Pokémon-EX. The first White Kyurem-EX has the White Inferno attack, which does extra damage for each damage counter on it. So essentially it gets more powerful the longer it’s in battle! The other White Kyurem-EX dishes damage in two ways with its Ice Burn attack, which does 150 damage and leaves the opponent’s Active Pokémon Burned for at least 20 more damage between turns.

Like the Pokémon-EX in the Black Kyurem deck, these big Pokémon-EX also suffer from high Energy costs, so they need a little help from Chandelure’s Flare Navigate Ability to get some extra Fire Energy into play. That Ability also puts a damage counter on the Pokémon that receives the Energy, which can boost the White Inferno attack. Double Dragon Energy also helps speeds things up, providing two Energy in one card—a perfect fit for the prominent Dragon-type Pokémon in your deck.

Since you’ll be pulling Fire Energy out of your deck constantly with Chandelure, you’ll need to shuffle them back in as the game goes on. Energy Recycler and Super Rod can both help out, making sure you have the fuel to keep powering up your Pokémon. Delphox’s Mystical Fire Ability is important as well, allowing you to keep your hand full of cards every turn. And in the right situations, its Blaze Ball attack can unleash a major attack on the opponent’s Pokémon. Delphox is the glue that holds the deck together!

Facing Off

Now that you have an idea of how the strategies work, let’s dig into how they match up against each other. The main goal of each deck is to power up its Pokémon-EX as quickly as possible, but there’s a bit of a twist: all of them have Weakness to Dragon-type Pokémon! If Black Kyurem-EX and White Kyurem-EX are battling each other, the first one to use a big attack will almost certainly come out on top. Unless you have Lysandre to pull your opponent’s Pokémon-EX into battle, it’s usually a better idea to start attacking with your smaller Pokémon instead. Then, when your opponent brings out their Pokémon-EX, you can attack with yours and take control.

Whether you’re looking for fun decks to play with a friend, hoping to get some Pokémon-EX and alternate-art Trainer cards for your collection, or trying to get more Trainer cards to build your own deck, the Battle Arena Decks: Black Kyurem vs. White Kyurem box has a lot to offer. Be on the lookout for this product, and be sure to check back at for the latest Pokémon TCG news and updates!



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