Find out which Pokémon your state wants most exactly one year after Pokémon GO launched

This time last year, the U.S. was in the grip of Pokémon GO fever. Cities across the nation were swarmed by people desperately hunting for their favorite monsters, with Central Park in New York City becoming a mecca for Pokémon GO players. At the height of the Pokémon GO craze, Decluttr published a graphic showing which state was searching for which Pokémon.

To celebrate the game’s first anniversary, Decluttr decided to revisit its data and find out which Pokémon each state is searching for in 2017 – has the introduction of Gen 2 Pokémon changed players’ priorities, or are they still hunting for the same monsters? To do this, Decluttr paired up phrases like ‘where is…’ and ‘how to find…’ with all the Pokémon in the game and then measured search volume in each state. Here are the Pokémon each state has been searching for this year.

Like last year, the most wanted Pokémon in America is Pikachu. This is no surprise given Pikachu is the official Pokémon mascot, although it also suggests that everyone’s favorite little electric mouse is pretty hard to find! In second place is Eevee, who is at the top of four states’ most wanted lists. Three of those states (Alaska, Illinois and Nevada) were also looking for Eevee last year, with Hawaii joining the list in 2017 after finding Pikachu last year.

Five more states are also still hunting for the same Pokémon one year on: Arizona (Pikachu), Delaware (Pikachu), Florida (Mewtwo), Mississippi (Pikachu) and Iowa (Vaporeon). Meanwhile, eight states have moved onto catching the Gen 2 Pokémon released in February this year. They include Kentucky (Pichu), Minnesota (Umbreon), Montana (Smeargle), Togepi (New Hampshire), Tyranitar (Rhode Island), Utah (Umbreon) and Wyoming (Umbreon). Here’s the full list of Pokémon each state is searching for this year (with 2016’s data included for comparison!).

State 2016 Pokémon 2017 Pokémon
Alabama Ditto Para
Alaska Eevee Eevee
Arizona Pikachu Pikachu
Arkansas Charizard Blastoise
California Squirtle Snorlax
Colorado Porygon Abra
Connecticut Golem Charmander
Delaware Pikachu Pikachu
Florida Mewtwo Mewtwo
Georgia Abra Ditto
Hawaii Pikachu Eevee
Idaho Mew Raichu
Illinois Eevee Eevee
Indiana Moltres Mew
Iowa Vaporeon Vaporeon
Kansas Pikachu Dragonite
Kentucky Pinsir Pichu
Louisiana Electrabuzz Mew
Maine Charizard Bulbasaur
Maryland Ditto Kabuto
Massachusetts Dragonite Ditto
Michigan Gengar Dragonite
Minnesota Gyarados Umbreon
Mississippi Pikachu Pikachu
Missouri Squirtle Ditto
Montana Bulbasaur Smeargle
Nebraska Mew Para
Nevada Eevee Eevee
New Hampshire Abra Togepi
New Jersey Articuno Charizard
New Mexico Zapdos Jigglypuff
New York Ditto Charizard
North Carolina Eevee Pikachu
North Dakota Scyther Abra
Ohio Dratini Pikachu
Oklahoma Vulpix Squirtle
Oregon Lapras Gyarados
Pennsylvania Aerodactyl Squirtle
Rhode Island Pikachu Tyranitar
South Carolina Staryu Gengar
South Dakota Ditto Espeon
Tennessee Zapdos Pikachu
Texas Eevee Bulbasaur
Utah Charmander Umbreon
Vermont Persian Golem
Virginia Onix Kabuto
Washington Moltres Snorlax
West Virginia Growlithe Flareon
Wisconsin Metapod Vulpix
Wyoming Blastoise Umbreon



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