Pokémon Sun and Moon ranked among the 12 best games for Nintendo 3DS by Kotaku

The folks at Kotaku have deemed Pokémon Sun and Moon to be among their 12 favorite games on Nintendo 3DS. Read on below to learn more about their decision:

For 20 years now, Pokémon games have presented fantasies where people collect, battle, and grow alongside powerful monsters. In the latest tropical-themed iteration, Pokémon invites you to leave your worries behind and grab yourself a lei. Familiar monsters now have cooler Alolan variants, and surprisingly fresh Island Trial challenges have replaced tired, old gyms. But what really sets Sun and Moon apart is the love and care the developers have put into depicting what it’s like to actually own a Pokémon. In Sun and Moon, what’ old is new again.

A Good Match For: People who love pets, collecting, and charming stories.

Not a Good Match For: Still not really the game for Jason Schreier, aka those looking for a mature, nuanced story.

Source: Kotaku


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