Pokémon Shuffle celebrates two-year anniversary with Shiny Tyranitar and more bonuses

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been playing Pokémon Shuffle Mobile for two years now, but here we are! What better way to celebrate this special occasion than with a variety of new bonuses and goodies to enhance your gameplay experience?

Starting July 25, players will receive a Shiny version of Tyranitar, the most powerful Pokémon in Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, as a Log-in Bonus. You’ll be able to put your new Pokémon to use in the new ranked event that will also be made available on that day. Speaking of new Pokémon, the Alolan Pokémon Tapu Koko and Tapu Lele will appear for the first time when you take them on in Ultra Challenges. Tapu Koko will be available on August 1, and Tapu Lele arrives on August 15.

Continuing on the challenge front, daily challenges will be made available with Pokémon that appeared in a Great Challenge or in other special stages. This will be a prime opportunity to catch the Pokémon you’ve been wanting to add to your collection. Starting on August 1, challenges will include chances to be rewarded with generous drops such as 3x Mega Speedups. Also, look for special pricing as well, with a “buy six or more, get six free” sale on Jewels.

Although this celebration is specifically for the two-year anniversary of Pokémon Shuffle Mobile on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, please don’t think that you’re missing out if you’ve been playing Pokémon Shuffle on a system in the Nintendo 3DS family. All of these great bonuses will be made available on that version as well! Thanks for being a part of the Pokémon Shuffle Mobile community these past two years, and please look forward to more Pokémon and new challenges in the years to come!

Source: Pokemon.com


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