Pokémon Shuffle adds new Tapu Koko stage, Start of Month Challenge and more

A few brand-new challenges have begun in both Pokémon Shuffle and Pokémon Shuffle Mobile. First is a new stage featuring Tapu Koko. This stage will run until August 15, 2017. Next is the start of a new “Start of Month Challenge.” For the first three days of each month, you can play one of these stages. You can retry doing it with 1 Jewel. The stage you get is random and you have a special bonus if you beat it.

Audino gives 3 Mega Speedup, Bulbasaur a Skill Booster L, Charmander 2 Mega Speedup, Squirtle 5,000 Coins and Espurr 10 Hearts. There’s also a new Great Challenge Daily Pokémon. Each day you’ll get access to an old Great Challenge Pokémon. In this batch, Hoopa, Togekiss (Winking), Wigglytuff (Winking), Wailord, Keldeo, Greninja and Omastar. Finally, the stages for Goodra, Regice, and Suicune have begun repeat runs. All of these require the version 1.4.18 to download.

Elsewhere, if you were one of the players worldwide who ranked in the Shiny Mega Tyranitar competitive stage over the past week, then the prize is now available to be received. The Tyranitarite/Level Up, Attack Power, Mega Speedup and Raise Max Level for the higher ranked players will be obtained. If you didn’t qualify, then you can redeem an Attack Power. To get these items, simply Check In between now and August 8th 2017 at 06:00 UTC and you will receive the item.

Source: Serebii


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