Ash, Pikachu and friends take extended field trip to Akala Island in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

School may be just starting in the real world, but Ash and the other students of the Pokémon School on Melemele Island have been attending classes for a while now. And when you work hard on your studies, it’s nice to have a break now and again. That’s why Ash, Pikachu, and the others are so excited to head out on a much-needed field trip.

The next several episodes of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon shift the focus away from the Pokémon School and onto Akala Island, where all sorts of new adventures await. The action begins when Olivia, the kahuna of Akala Island, arrives on Melemele Island to escort the class on her boat to their new destination. From there, the students learn about (and perhaps catch!) new Pokémon, experience exciting battles against Totem Pokémon, and earn some Z-Crystals, and they just might learn something about themselves in the process.

Remember that in addition to the new episodes on Saturday mornings, you can tune in to Disney XD throughout the week to catch earlier episodes. You can also watch even more awesome Pokémon animation on and the Pokémon TV mobile app!



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