New Pokémon minigame Spooky Spotlight now available to play for free on PC and smartphones

Are you afraid of the dark? Time to face your fear, because you find yourself lost in the dark woods in the Spooky Spotlight minigame. Luckily, you’ll be equipped with a flashlight to illuminate your perilous path, which just happens to be populated with a plethora of Pokémon. Just make sure you avoid Ghost-type Pokémon—these mischievous denizens drain your flashlight’s batteries extra-fast. And when the lights go out, it’s game over!

Before you start playing Spooky Spotlight, be sure to log in to your Pokémon Trainer Club account. When you do, you’ll be eligible for the game leaderboards, and you can track your top scores on your My Profile page!

Spooky Spotlight can be played on a computer or a touchscreen device. Track down those hidden Pokémon in Spooky Spotlight on today!



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