Game Freak veterans developing Pokémon Switch, younger staffers working on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Pokémon series developer Game Freak explained how making Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is actually helping development of the upcoming Nintendo Switch title. It also revealed that studio veterans are responsible for Pokémon Switch, while younger staffers are more involved with Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

“Of course we have a limited number of staff available to us, but we have a very varied staff within the company,” Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon producer Shigeru Ohmori said. “We have younger staff members and also veterans who have been working on the series for a long time, very technically gifted staff members. We want to use these staff in the best way possible. For example this time with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon we can treat it mainly as a project for our younger staff to work on and grow and develop their skills, while perhaps the more veteran, established members of the company can work on the upcoming [Switch] project.

“That’s an approach we often take: having a growth-based project for younger staff members and then a new project for the existing veterans. Using this project management style ensures all of our projects have a positive effect on one another as they go.”

Ohmori went on to say that series veteran Shigeki Morimoto, who has been with the company since the Pokémon Red and Blue era, is working on the battle system for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon.

The upcoming games’ director, Kazumasa Iwao, then added, “We always have veterans–really experienced people–involved on the quality control side of things, so we make sure the quality we expect and want to deliver with Pokemon is always there.”



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