Expand your wardrobe in Pokkén Tournament DX with these six special codes

Pokémon officially made its debut on Nintendo Switch with the release of Pokkén Tournament DX. What better way to celebrate than with some free items to decorate your in-game avatar? To get these exclusive items, simply follow these steps to enter a special code into the game:

  1. On the Ferrum Region map screen, press X to enter the System Menu
  2. Select the Special Code option
  3. Enter the code when prompted

Once you’ve arrived at the Special Code entry screen, enter the following code to claim your rewards!

Old Leather Jacket Set (Female)—NQLMEMRGX37X

Old Leather Jacket Set (Male)—6GSSALLDM9RL

Hamburger Hat & Short Bob (Female)—USBXKG8X4GLG

Hamburger Hat & Medium Hair (Male)—H5D9YZFETCQZ

Training Wear Set (Female)—ABZMNSU8D7QN

Training Wear Set (Male)—8RMGLXANVZ3R

Use these special codes to unlock cool new items for your avatar in this exciting fighting game.

Source: PokkenTournament.com


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