Pokémon GO Global Catch Challenge Bronze, Silver and Gold Tiers detailed

Get ready to catch some Pokémon! Trainers throughout the world will need to band together in the newest Pokémon GO event, the Global Catch Challenge. Starting on November 20, 2017, each time you capture a Pokémon, you’ll help everyone work toward earning some amazing rewards. Special rewards will be unlocked for Trainers all over the world if 500 million, 1.5 billion, and even 3 billion total Pokémon are caught during the event.

Bronze Tier (500 million Pokémon caught): All Trainers will earn double XP, Lure Modules will last six hours, and more Pokémon will appear all over the world.

Silver Tier (1.5 billion Pokémon caught): In addition to the Bronze Tier rewards, all Trainers will earn double Stardust, and even more Pokémon will appear.

Gold Tier (3 billion Pokémon caught): In addition to the Bronze and Silver Tier rewards, Farfetch’d will appear all around the world for 48 hours and Kangaskhan will appear in East Asia for 48 hours!

The Bronze Tier and Silver Tier rewards will start as soon as enough Pokémon are caught and will last until the end of the month. The Gold Tier reward will last for only 48 hours from the moment it’s unlocked, so make sure you don’t miss out on the rare Pokémon!

You’ll be able to follow along with what’s happening throughout the week with the new Pokémon GO Travel video series. Pokémon GO Travel is taking a diverse group of Trainers from around the world to Japan to host the first-ever Global Catch Challenge. Play along with IHasCupquake, Coisa de Nerd, and Rachel Quirico as they learn more about Japanese culture, inspire the world to play together, and update you on the amazing rewards the community unlocks along the way.

The event will conclude with a special celebration at the Pokémon GO Safari Zone event in Tottori, Japan, on November 26. Farfetch’d can’t normally be found in most of the world, so make sure to capture as many Pokémon as you can before the Global Catch Challenge ends!

Source: Pokemon.com


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