Pokémon Shuffle update 1.5 now live on Nintendo 3DS, adds new Trainer Rank, daily gifts and more

A new version update for Pokémon Shuffle has gone live on Nintendo 3DS, bringing the game up to version 1.5 with a variety of new features. First up is a new Trainer Rank system that gives you various rewards based on the number of Pokémon that you have captured. These include Mega Speedups, Raise Max Levels and even Mega Stones. There’s a total of 30 Ranks. It has also added new gifts obtained via checking in regularly with it cycling through 15 different gifts: Hearts + 5, Moves +5, Exp. Booster S, Hearts + 5, Skill Booster S, Mega Start, Hearts + 5, Disruption Delay, Exp. Booster M, Raise Max Level, Hearts + 5, Exp. Booster L, Time + 10, Hearts + 10, Jewel. You can also now use Jewels to unlock batches of stages if you have yet to complete them so your progression is not hindered if you can’t do some stages. Finally, it also allows for you to use the team you used last time if you then change it, using a special arrow on the selection screen.

Source: Serebii


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