Learn more about the official giant Pikachu suits from The Pokémon Company

– the official Pikachu suits are battery-powered
– the battery lets the suit stay inflated for 45 minutes to an hour
– if the suit deflates with the user in it, it can become a very dangerous situation, as the user might suffocate
– users bring a bottle of water or a small fan with them inside the suit due to extremely hot temperatures
– the latest model of the suit allows the person wearing it to hear what people outside are saying
– there’s a small strip of clear PVC surrounding the bottom of the Pikachu’s feet
– this allows the operator to see where they’re walking
– the operator is also able to see clearly through the suit’s eyes
– there’s a mechanism which allows the operator to control the movement of the ears
– the recommended height for an operator is 155cm
– the suit is 20kg and the operator has to bear some of its weight on their shoulders through a harness

Source: GoNintendo.com


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