Why Detective Pikachu might as well be Danny DeVito

The folks at GameSpot have put together a feature explaining why Detective Pikachu might as well be Danny DeVito – you can read a few excerpts from it below:

Even before Detective Pikachu released in Japan, English-speaking fans were clamoring for Danny Devito to voice the 3DS game’s star. The Pokemon spinoff adventure features a Pikachu that’s more old man than cute mascot, with a rough Japanese voice and a penchant for black coffee. While the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor isn’t providing the English voice (unfortunately), Detective Pikachu might as well be Danny Devito: a small, funny middle-aged man with short legs who often yells indistinctly.

Detective Pikachu will periodically yell at you (as in, shouting “hey” or other general attention-getting phrases) to provide tips and important information you need to proceed with the case. Surprisingly, it’s not annoying; the adorable animation of Pikachu jumping up and down for attention and the jaded-sounding man’s voice that accompanies it is such a weird experience that I never got tired of letting it happen. At one point, Detective Pikachu called for me and, instead of giving me a hint, sneezed a human’s sneeze, and I still don’t know how to reconcile the cuteness I saw with the gruff sound I heard.

Source: GameSpot.com


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