Learn how Detective Pikachu Came to Eevee’s Rescue in new eBook Detective Pikachu: Episode 0—Eevee’s Case

How Detective Pikachu Came to Eevee’s Rescue! Learn what happens to the great detective before the start of his new video game with the eBook, “Detective Pikachu: Episode 0—Eevee’s Case.”

The new Detective Pikachu video game for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems tells the exciting tale of the titular Pokémon teaming up with Tim Goodman to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of Tim’s father. When we meet Detective Pikachu in the game, however, he’s already a seasoned sleuth. Here’s an opportunity for fans to learn a little more about Detective Pikachu’s background with the short story, “Detective Pikachu: Episode 0—Eevee’s Case.”

Written by the great detective himself, and set just before the events of the video game, “Detective Pikachu: Episode 0—Eevee’s Case” tells the story of Pikachu being recruited by Eevee to discover the scoundrel that has messed up the yard at Eevee’s home. Detective Pikachu explores Ryme City, interrogating Pokémon, and tracking down who is behind this heinous crime.

You can learn the truth behind this mystery yourself by downloading “Detective Pikachu: Episode 0—Eevee’s Case.” This eBook is available at no charge on Apple iBooks Store and Amazon’s Kindle Store for a limited time.

Source: Pokemon.com


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