Official Detective Pikachu stickers now available on iMessage until June 14

Let Detective Pikachu Speak for You Detective Pikachu has a lot on his mind, as these Messages stickers surely show!

Have you ever been texting with someone on your iPhone and suddenly had a bolt of brilliance? If only there was some way to properly express yourself at that moment! Well, wish no more, friends! Detective Pikachu stickers are coming to Messages, and they provide a fun way to tell people exactly what you’re thinking. Detective Pikachu, of course, is very different from other Pikachu. He’s got a bit of an attitude that’s perfectly reflected in these stickers.

Starting March 23, 2018, Pokémon fans will be able to download the Detective Pikachu Messages stickers for free, but don’t delay! The stickers will only be available until June 14, 2018. As long as the stickers are downloaded during their period of availability, though, you can continue to use them afterward. Please note that this sticker pack can only be used in Messages on iOS version 10 or later, so make sure your device is updated and let Detective Pikachu share his feelings.



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