Black Eyed Peas’ really wants to make “the next Pokémon GO”

Black Eyed Peas frontman – also known as William James Adams Jr. – has expressed an interest in creating a spiritual successor to the immensely popular Pokémon GO. During a recent interview, cited Niantic‘s smartphone hit as inspiration for his next project:

We have a new instalment of this intellectual property that we’re going to bring to culture later on in this year. For example, there’s Spotify and then there’s also Deezer, Apple Music and Pandora. There’s Instagram stories, and then there’s Snapchat. For everything there is another thing. But Pokemon Go? What’s the other Pokemon? It doesn’t exist, right? There is no other that.

And that s*** made a lot of money. But nobody is trying to go out into the world and do that s*** because to do that you have to have augmented technology. I’m just saying you have to start to identify and see things, trigger things and place things. And it’s amazing that there is no other Pokemon Go. For everything you can imagine, there is another thing. Except for that one. Wow it’s crazy!

Source: Nintendo Life


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