First look at powerful Pokémon in the new Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Forbidden Light expansion

New Ultra Beasts Step into the Light. Get a first look at the latest powerful Pokémon in the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Forbidden Light expansion.

Since their introduction in the Pokémon TCG, Ultra Beasts have only become more popular for players and collectors alike. And soon even more of these incredible Pokémon will leap into action when the Sun & Moon—Forbidden Light expansion launches on May 4. Take a look at several of the Ultra Beasts you’ll soon be able to add to your collection, as well as a couple of important cards that make them even more ferocious in battle!


The Ultra Beast Pheromosa leaps into Pokémon TCG action in simple yet fearsome style. Although this Grass-type Pokémon isn’t a Pokémon-GX or Prism Star card, it still has a lot going for it—especially with 110 HP and no Retreat Cost. Pheromosa is the perfect closer for your game—its White Ray attack hits for a massive 180 damage if you’re down to only one Prize card. And because it isn’t a Pokémon-GX, if your opponent manages to knock it out, they’ll only be able to claim one of their Prize cards instead of two.


The voracious Ultra Beast Guzzlord has incredible potential for the tactically minded Pokémon TCG player. Its Lord’s Valley attack does a formidable 160 damage, but at a challenging cost: you have to discard 10 cards from your deck, and you can only use the attack if you have 2, 4, or 6 Prize cards remaining. On the bright side, if you can time Guzzlord’s attack just right, few Pokémon will stand a chance against Lord’s Valley. And like Pheromosa, Guzzlord isn’t a Pokémon-GX, meaning you’ll only have to give up a single Prize card if it happens to get Knocked Out.

Ultra Space

The rise of Ultra Beasts has changed the landscape of Pokémon TCG battles. With the Ultra Space Stadium card, it’s even easier to create strategies around these intimidating Pokémon. When Ultra Space is in play, you can search your deck for any Ultra Beast card and put it into your hand once per turn. But remember, because it’s a Stadium card, both players can take advantage of this convenient opportunity.

Ultra Necrozma-GX

Necrozma returns in the Sun & Moon—Forbidden Light expansion, this time more impressive than ever as Ultra Necrozma-GX. Its Photon Geyser attack has the potential to take down virtually any foe in one massive shot, doing 20 damage plus another 80 for each basic Psychic Energy card you discard from Ultra Necrozma-GX. And if you’re looking to turn up the heat on your opponent late in the match, Sky-Scorching Light-GX can put six damage counters on each of their Pokémon. With a gleaming presence and otherworldly power, this is definitely a Pokémon to be feared.


Naganadel-GX is an impressive Ultra Beast on its own, but it becomes even stronger with a few friends at its side. Its Beast Raid attack requires only one Colorless Energy and increases in power for each Ultra Beast on your Bench. And if you’re looking to really change the dynamics of a match, Stinger-GX forces both players to shuffle their remaining Prize cards into their decks, then put three new ones down—regardless of how many they had before. It’s going to be fun to see how much chaos this tricky GX attack will cause!

Beast Energy Prism Star

Ultra Beasts have thundered into the Pokémon TCG, and now they’re about to get even more dangerous with Beast Energy . When attached to an Ultra Beast, this Special Energy not only provides 1 Energy of any type—it also adds 30 damage to that Pokémon’s attacks. Because it’s a  card, you can have only one in your deck, but if you’re planning on attacking with an Ultra Beast, there’s no reason not to make room for Beast Energy .



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