Why all Pokémon fans should play Detective Pikachu

The folks at Kotaku have written a piece explaining whey they think all Pokémon fans should play the recently-released Detective Pikachu game for Nintendo 3DS. You can read a few excerpts below:

Nintendo may be keeping the 3DS on life support at this point, but there are still reasons to boot up the handheld console. Detective Pikachu, released in North America last week, makes an especially compelling case for any fans of Pokémon who want to learn a bit more about the world of pocket monsters.

Detective Pikachu tells the story of Tim Goodman, a boy who runs across a large sleuthing Pikachu while trying to find his missing father. Unlike most Pokémon, this Pikachu can talk—but only Goodman can understand him. The two team up to solve a minor case involving wild Aipom, and along the way, they uncover something bigger.

Source: Kotaku.com


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