New Pokémon Center merch features Tapu Koko, Graduation Pikachu, Kotobukiya: Lively Lillie with Clefairy and Rowlet Figure, pins and more

The Pokémon Company has released a new batch of Pokémon merch for the official Pokémon Center. New products at the online store include Graduation Pikachu Pokémon Pins (2-Pack with Greeting Card) for $13.99, Kotobukiya: Lively Lillie, Clefairy & Rowlet Figure (Preorder Until June 25) for $84.99, Heatran & Regigigas Pokémon Pins (2-Pack) for $12.99, Pichu, Pikachu & Raichu Pokémon Pins (3-Pack) for $18.99, Togepi, Togetic & Togekiss Pokémon Pins (3-Pack) for $18.99, Heatran & Regigigas Legendary Pokémon Pins (2-Pack) for $13.99, Tapu Koko Fleece Throw – 50 In. by 60 In. for $39.95, Tapu Koko 9FIFTY Baseball Cap by New Era (One Size-Adult) for $34.99, Tapu Koko Fitted Crew Neck T-Shirt – Adult for $29.95 and more. To view all the newest products at the Pokémon Center, click here.



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