Pokémon GO developer Niantic shares spot-on Professor Willow cosplay for Professor Willow Week

To commemorate Professor Willow’s expanded role in Pokémon GONiantic has dedicated this entire week to the man himself. During Professor Willow Week, the developer wants players of its immensely-popular mobile game to share Professor Willow fanart and cosplay. Niantic is posting its favorites throughout the week, including the Professor Willow transformation found in the video below. In addition, the developer is now sharing some Professor Willow facts for Professor Willow Week.

Hey, fellas!

Usually when I do new makeup tests, people ask for progress photos, explainations, or tutorials- so even though this is just a VERY generic crossplay makeup, I thought I’d film it so that you can see the process! Aside from a few aging marks and his facial hair, Professor Willow has a pretty generic anime face so yeah– again, this is a very simple and fast video, but maybe someone will enjoy it or learn somethin’!

*In this video I’m using matching wighair for the facial hair (which is also used for the sideburn appliances)– ideally I would recommend going with crepe wool, as it’s much more comfortable and easy to work with! But for this makeup test/ closet cosplay, I just went with items and supplies that I already had in the house. Even if it’s not 100% accurate (and it’s FAR from that, I know!), I had a lot of fun and enjoyed running around town as the newest Pokemon Professor!!

If you’re interested in seeing more of these videos please let me know! Even though I had to swap to my iPhone camera only a few minutes in, I can definitely prepare better for next time with a more complicated makeup or prosthetic look!

Also, WITHOUT ARGUING, kids– what Team are you AND/OR share your favorite Pokemon GO story that’s happened to you so far!

Source: @PokemonGoApp


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